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"As a high school student, how do I reach out to professors for a research assistant position? Or to a company for an internship?"

For a high school student trying to secure one of these elusive roles, it can feel outright impossible getting in touch with these professors or companies, let alone impress them enough to land a role.

But, with our free, downloadable outreach templates, you'll be able to quickly connect with prospective employers and leave a lasting impression, whether they're college faculty or startup CEOs.

Save time and energy.

No more fiddling to craft the perfect message. We know you're super busy, so we've done the footwork and made it as easy as possible to make a memorable first impression.

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We know how hard it can be to make your message stand out. These templates are the perfect way to highlight your skillset, interests, and enthusiasm for the role.

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Our students have used these exact templates to secure competitive internships and research positions, so we know they'll work for you too.
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